Follow these instructions step by step to get the best results with all Linea Calce products

Caution: The following instructions are valid only for Linea Calce products


Before use, read carefully the specifications on the label of the product (thickness and compatibility)




Getting Ready) Open the bucket and remove the water



Step 1) Mix the product thoroughly



Step 2) Preparation of color :

The indicative percentages pigment/product are: 1/10 soft colors , 2/10 medium colors , 3>/10 strong colors

Caution: Use only mineral natural pigments (Oxides or Earth)

2.1 Mix separately all the pigment in a little amount of product (about 1/1) .

2.2 Mix thoroughly the obtained color in the bucket.

Wait to stabilize for 24 hours



step 3) Preparation of the surface:

Warning: Make sure the surface is absorbent and healthy , otherwise consolidate before

3.1 Sandpaper with coarse grit (50 or less), dusting

3.2 Mix one tablespoon of product in about 15 lt of water

3.3 Moisten the surface with the obtained solution

Tip: the surface must remain ever moist during the application of the product



step 4) Application of the product :

Caution: Do not apply the product with the Relative Air Humidity (RH) exceeding 70%, and with temperatures below 6°C or above 30°C.

4.1 Apply the product with a trowel , spatula , brush or roller , depending on your preference

Advice: Apply the product approximately (not try to get the precise shape now); apply a firm pressure to obtain a layer as thin as possible.

4.2 After application wait for the product to stabilize for about 10-20 minutes

4.3 Proceed now to the shape phase modeling the surface accurately before the product to dry completely , if necessary moisten the surface with a spray

Tip: To avoid scratches in this phase use soft tools (rubber float, etc...)

4.4 When the shape is satisfactory stop work and leave to dry for 3-6 hours

Tip: The drying phase must take place in conditions of air not ventilated and shaded

For different layers repeat the entire process for each layer

Warning: Do not execute finishing treatments (polishing, waterproofing, etc...) between one layer and the other

Tip: To obtain high contrast finishes (Venetian plaster, spatula, sponge, etc...), is recommended to modify slightly the color for each new layer; add one or more teaspoons of white or else of pigment in the bucket before starting any new layer, depending on your preferences.



step 5) Finishing

Please note: the finishing stages must take place in the matured product , wait 24-48 hours after application

5.1 Fill small cracks with the use of the product, smooth any imperfections with fine and extra-fine sandpaper

5.2 Treat the product as needed : Waterproofing , polishing, etc.

Tip: for waterproofing saturate the wall with water and natural olive soap , for polishing treat as a normal stone surface (Diamond Polishing Pads, etc ...)



Cleaning and maintenance

Attention : treat and clean the surfaces exclusively with neutral pH ( Marseille soap , beeswax )




The Linea Calce products do not expire, store at temperatures between +5°C and +35°C

Keep the remaining product under a 1 cm of water



Recommended Tools




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