Linea Calce

Linea Calce products offer a natural result, healthy, breathable, durable, because is made exclusively using the originals materials of the tradition. Not contain solvents, oils, silicates, glue, plastics or synthetic additives, and over the years, petrifying, improve appearance and quality through natural maturation process.


The Marmorino series allows you to perform the complete cycle of traditional plaster, from the insulating layer to that of polishing (filler Rinzaffo, wrinkled surface Arriccio, smoothing Rasante, finishing Velatura) the results are very effective and professional quality. Improved in thermal performance according with the new trends and building regulations. The high levels of transpiration and high alkaline pH allow to obtain a significant healthiness of the residential rooms. Fully complies with the parameters set for historic restoration.

Venetian Plaster

The Venetian Plaster Linea Calce prepared respecting the recipe of the classical tradition. The comforts offered by this product, easy to work, self polishing and water repellent, make this product an ideal partner for the most exigent professionals, that for the hobbies users and DIY .


The traditional Moroccan plaster in its most pure and classical version. Appropriately additived and ready to use, allows the realization of structural and decorative plasters such as bathrooms, kitchens and other hydrophobic surfaces. Healthy and hygienic through the high levels of transpiration and high alkaline pH. Suitable for historical restoration certificate and the modern reinterpretation.

Lime Paintings

The lime paint classical, the oldest and noblest of paintings, very persistent, healthy and breathable, resistant over time, sanitizing, mold resistant, gives to the walls a look of high quality, does not peel, does not yellow and does not chalking. For indoor and outdoor use. Complying with the parameters for historic restoration.